About Jetglow

Jetglow Aircraft Refurbishments was formed in 2008 by the current CEO. Jetglow started small and has steadily grown year on year winning orders and contracts from major UK operators. Jetglow is an EASA 145 approved company.

Jetglow Aircraft Refurbishments specialises in the complete refurbishment of commercial and general aviation cabin interiors. From passenger seat repair/overhaul to complete refurbishment of cabin interiors and modules/monuments. Jetglow also has a graphics department which can and does produce mandatory markings, exterior and interior placards, liveries and decals for a complete interior and exterior aircraft refurbishment package.

Jetglow Workshops

Our workshop has the capability to carry out repairs to the vast majority of Boeing and Airbus passenger cabin interior composite and thermo-plastic panels and mouldings.

Our C19 rating gives us the ability to service and repair the majority of passenger cabin acrylic windows, our window thickness measuring equipment ensures that window repairs/polishing never go out of OEM limits.

The Jetglow workshop houses our state of the art spray booth which facilitates complete restoration of all repaired panels.

Our large capacity spray booth is capable of accommodating the painting of oversize interior or exterior panels from the largest engine fan cowls, translating sleeves, wing to body fairings to the largest cabin ceiling and side wall panels.

We have an experienced team of seat fitters giving Jetglow the capability of servicing and repairing most in-service passenger seats (Weber, Recaro, Avio, BE Aerospace, ACRO, Sigma etc.) The Jetglow workshop is set to further expand its capabilities to incorporate servicing and repair of passenger seat ‘in-power’ and digital IFE systems.

We are currently engaged in the servicing and repairing of Norduyn lightweight trolley carts for a major UK operator and enjoy a good relationship with the OEM.

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